2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Trans-America Trail road trip

Trail official start and end:

We really needed to rethink our vehicle…… 🤔

We have had great success with “Ruby” our 2004 Wrangler TJ Rubicon. It’s just very cramped for Highway driving. Based in Arizona, we drove over 900 miles just to get to the start of the Emerald Triangle trip in Northern California. We knew then it was time for a change……

our TJ “Ruby” at the JEO Copper Canyon Mexico April 2017At the Mexico wall – February 2019 on the De

At the Mexico wall – February 2019 on the Devil’s Highway and The Bradshaw TrailOur other “Ruby” the dog. She’s

Our other “Ruby” the dog. She’s the best traveler ever! She’s coming down off the shelf in the TJ and will have an entire back seat in the next rig. ☺️6/30/2020


Jeeps only? Luckily, we had this spare!

We’re the original owners of this girl. OtheBefore the Transformation…..

We’re the original owners of this girl. Other than a long trip to Alaska in 2013 towing the trailer she’s just been hauling grandkids and groceries. This is a very off-road capable 4wheel drive/all wheel drive 2007 Jeep Commander Overland edition with the Hemi engine.

Finally getting the attention she deserves!

Modified Old Man Emu suspension lift

Modified Old Man Emu suspension lift

31.5 diameter BFG All Terrain tires

31 gallon Long Range America auxiliary fuel tank

Custom WAM Bumpers

Rocky Road Outfitters functional rock rails

9500 lb winch with synthetic line

DIY sliding kitchen, and MANY other DIY features


Removing the third row seat freed up room for the

Removing the third row seat freed up room for the sliding kitchen cabinet, sliding ARB refrigerator freezer, and stationary auxiliary battery box. There’s still plenty of storage for tools and supplies underneath.

A shout out to “Natalie the Welder Woman&#82

A shout out to “Natalie the Welder Woman” at WAM Bumpers in Georgia. She did an amazing job fabricating our custom front and rear bumpers.



What Kinds of Roads Can You Expect on the Trans-America Trail?

The roads on the Trans-America Trail take you off heavily trafficked main roads to lesser-traveled side roads. It uses minimal paved roads to get you places that those cruising the interstate usually pass by. The creators share that the route is a safe adventure through rural America. While the roads are passable, your vehicle should be able to navigate through various road conditions. 

This trail isn’t for the faint of heart. While it can be an amazing journey, it’s a physical feat. Riding a dual-sport motorcycle over 200 miles of rough terrain for a single day is one thing, but doing it day after day can be grueling on the body. 

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Trans-America Trail?

The Trans-America Trail is 4,273 miles. Those averaging around 200 miles per day can complete the trail in its entirety in about three weeks. This time does not include the additional alternative start and end locations. It’s easy to take your time on the trail with so much to see! 

					7 of the Best Overland Routes in North Americ

7 of the Best Overland Routes in North America

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It is not a journey with a purpose. The journey is the purpose. Originating from cattle herding, overlanding has been around for more than a century….

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