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What is the most expensive Hot Wheels car?

Like all collectibles, if you want to, you can probably spend any amount of money you’d like. The overwhelming majority of vintage Hot Wheels cars are worth anywhere from a few dollars to some of the cooler ones reaching into the $20-range. 

But the 15 most expensive Hot Wheels cars of all time are on a whole other level. While some are Ferraris and vintage muscle cars, some are completely made up fantasy cars. Without further adieu, these are the Hot Wheels to keep your eyes peeled for at the next garage sale.

9. 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base

Estimated Value: $10,000

The 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base is the first Hot Wheels car on the list to have an estimated value of over $10,000. 

Made in both the United States and Hong Kong plants, the Cheetah is based on a 1963 car by Bill Cushenberry.  

It was styled using a ’60 Pontiac and a ’61 Corvair, with a small block Ford engine, but was later re-styled into a new model called the “Tiger Shark.”

Only a handful of “Cheetahs” exist, most being the standard red Hong Kong colorway.

So, if you manage to find an orange one, snap it up, as it’s worth a lot of money!



11. 1969 Brown ’31 Woody

Estimated Value: $8,000

With only 40 in known existence, the Brown ’31 Woody is considered to be one of the rarest Hot Wheels cars in the world.

It was designed by Ira Gilford, made in the United States, and debuted in the 1969 Hot Wheels series. 

The car can be found with a white, champagne, or dark brown interior and a wrinkle or smooth top. 


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1) 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb

Estimated Value: $175,000

Finally, we come to the most expensive Hot Wheels car of all time. The Pink Beach Bomb is not only said to be worth a staggering $175,000, but it is also cool as hell. This van is thought to be only one of two ever made, making it quite the rare Hot Wheels car.

Mattel made more pink vans later, but the surfboards were side-mounted to make the toy work better. The rear-mounted surfboard, as you see here, was only made as the prototype for the actual production toy.

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