Did You Know There Was a Mustang Station Wagon?

Did Ford make a Mustang station wagon?

Ford Mustang Station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enth
Ford Mustang Station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images/Getty Images

While the Ford Mustang station wagon seemed like a sound concept on paper, it never officially went into production. However, this idea made it onto the roads with at least one finished example. Cumberford came up with the idea of the Mustang station wagon back in the mid-1960s.

According to Hagerty, the Mustang’s body lines made turning it into a station wagon quite easy. Believing in the soundness of his design, Cumberford set about getting this odd machine built. This is where Italian coachbuilder Construzione Automobili Intermeccanica steps in.

According to Hagerty, Cumberford purchased a brand-new 1965 Ford Mustang and commissioned the build. The idea was to take the station wagon concept and sell it as an add-on kit for existing cars. All in all, Hagerty reports that this project cost around $10,000, or about $83,496 in today’s money.

High hopes and thoughtful planning

The hope with the new conversion was to improve handling and provide more cargo space.The unusual variant had a rare front bench seat and back seats that folded down. This allowed for a ton of storage room in the back. MotorTrend notes that in the back of the car, the “hatch was hinged at the bottom like more of a traditional 1960s wagon clamshell.”Hagerty notes that according to Cumberford, “The Mustang had a Falcon chassis with rear leaf springs. It was nose-heavy, and when you hit a bumpy road, the rear end would skip around.”Cumberford hoped to improve this by adding some weight in the rear. He started brainstorming changes on a drawing of a Mustang coupe. “The white Mustang was an early-build model with a 260-cubic-inch V8 and an automatic transmission,” according to Hagerty. Cumberford’s goal was to make the car easy to produce, so he kept the coupe’s side glass and window mechanisms and cut the roof above the door.Hagerty also reports that “Intermeccanica’s craftsmen fabricated a new rear roof section, a tailgate, folding rear seat, and cargo floor.” The goal was to make it look like a Ford vehicle, not a custom car. But even with a fresh green coat of paint and snazzy features from the Mustang’s GT package, this station wagon did not impress the executives at Ford.


Which Ford Mustang is the rarest?

Ford Mustang Station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enth
Ford Mustang Station Wagon | Gerry Stiles/The Enthusiast Network via Getty Images/Getty Images

Since there is just one coach-built Ford Mustang station wagon, it might be one of the rarest versions of the muscle car ever built. However, during that same time in the 1960s, Ford commissioned a one-off version of the Mustang built and designed by Italian coachbuilder Bertone.

While the Bertone Mustang served as a part of a marketing campaign, it is also one of a kind. Additionally, like the station wagon, it remains missing today.


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