Does tesla take Trade Ins? The Advantages and Disadvantages of it


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What kind of vehicle will Tesla accept for a trade-in?

Tesla will take cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. It’s worth noting that they will only take one vehicle in trade per inventory purchase.

Tesla will not take motorcycles or other vehicles outside the general description of truck, car, van, or SUV. This includes four wheelers, mopeds, and other motorized vehicles (such as RVs). They also will not accept commercial vehicles, such as vans used for transporting more than 8 people for compensation or any vehicle that has ever transported hazardous material (while it makes sense for Tesla not to pay for a vehicle like that, we can’t help but wonder if anyone has tried to trade them one).

Tesla will also factor the value of a lease vehicle for trade if they are allowed to do so by the leasing company. This can be helpful if you paid a big down payment on your lease but want to get some of that value back by trading in to Tesla. 

Many lessors have stopped allowing a third party such as Tesla to complete a buyout of their leased vehicles, so it’s worth checking with your lender for restrictions before starting the trade-in process.  


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What Other Trade-In Options Should I Consider?

Fortunately, we’re living in technology-driven times, so finding alternative offers for your car are only a few clicks away.  Given the current craziness of the used car market, companies like CarMax are eager to get their hands on vehicles. Topmarq offers a unique service that enables you to receive multiple offers to buy your car with a single submission.  You’ll get quotes from car dealers such as CarMax, Carvana, Vroom, and AutoNation.

How Does a Tesla Trade-In Offer Compare?

It’s impossible to make a blanket statement that one company’s trade-in or buy offer is better than another’s. Numerous variables go into this formula, including the car’s make and model, its condition, and the demand for a particular vehicle.  For example, Carvana may need Honda Accords in its inventory while AutoNation can’t give them away.

Let’s get back to that Toyota Camry trade-in pricing from Tesla at $18,300.  How do other offers stack up?  The differences are substantial.  Kelly Blue Book’s $19,851 price seems like a nice improvement.  But then we get two near-identical offers from CarMax ($20,800) and Carvana ($20,832)—which top Tesla’s pricing. Yet, it gets even better with Vroom and a $21,363 offer.  In this case, trading in your car to Tesla would leave more than $3,000 on the table.

Of course, Vroom won’t come out on top all the time, nor will Tesla always be at the bottom.  This disparity in pricing confirms the importance of getting multiple offers before swapping wheels.

Does Tesla take trade Ins with a different car company?

Yes, of course. Tesla will accept cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans for trade-in. Tesla accepts both gas-powered vehicles and electric ones. And, one important point to note. You should be the Title owner to start the Trade-in process.

How to calculate your trade-in value?

Tesla made it simple for you to calculate the trade-in value. You simply go to the Tesla trade-in calculator and enter your VIN number. Tesla will give you an estimate based on multiple factors. Remember, your Trade-in value is valid for 30 days. After 30 days, Tesla needs to recalculate your car value and bring you a new estimate. (This will mostly be less compared to the previous one since your car is aging.)

Here is how Tesla calculates your used car price, “The trade-in values for our cars are calculated using a calculation based on the vehicle configuration, history, mileage, and age. This value is set using market data from inside Tesla as well as industry-standard tools. Trade-in values for all other cars are evaluated by comparing them against the average sale price of similar models in an area over a period of time.”

Even if you have a loan on your current car, Tesla will still accept it as long as you can cover the loan balance yourself. You can also apply the trade-in value to the car purchase and Tesla will take care of the process.

After you decided to Trade in a went through all the processes suggested by Tesla, you need to clear all your personal data in the car. Tesla says, “Before trading in your vehicle, Tesla requires the car owner to remove personal information first. Make sure you refer to your car’s owner’s manual for instructions and clearly mark on the sticker that it is a trade-in to be donated when received by Tesla. When receiving a Tesla as a trade-in, make sure you wipe all connections from the previous car prior to handing over keys.”


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