Greek startup SP Automotive digitally unveils first-ever Chaos “ultra-car”


W hat if… someone told you, that there was a vehicle built with technology of the future, made with a 3D printer, using materials from aerospace technology applied for the first time in a car? W hat if … What if …… What if ….. W ords cannot describe the emotions and the adrenaline rush that this masterpiece of technology elicits in its driver. I t is not just a car, it is the epitome of the future, the next step in automotive evolution, a work of art, a masterpiece. I t is the first Ultra car proudly made in Greece, the country where culture originated, and the future is born.



Carbon fiber or Amorphous metal dubbed SAM2X5-630

SAM2X5-630 is a new material with an unusual chemical structure that makes it incredibly hard and yet elastic. The material can withstand heavy impacts without deforming – even when pushed beyond its elastic limits, it doesn’t fracture, instead retaining most of its original strength. SAM2X5-630 has the highest elastic limit of any material known. A 1,5-1,8 mm-thick piece of SAM2X5-630 was measured at 11,76 ± 1,26 GPa as stainless steel has an elastic limit of 0,2 GPa. This makes the roof of the car extremely strong to secure the cabin.

What kind of engine can make 3,000 hp?

Spyros Panopoulos Chaos Ultracar | Spyros Panopoul
Spyros Panopoulos Chaos Ultracar | Spyros Panopoulos Automotive

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Spyros says his chaos ultracar will have a 90-degree, 3.96-liter, twin-turbo V10. This powerplant seems like it might shatter the 15-year-year journey that Devel Sixteen has been on to build their 2,048-hp monster. 

As I mentioned earlier, this first V10 is a baby version. The 3D-printed magnesium alloy block version will redline at 12,200 rpm, making a grand total of 3,065 hp. This engine doesn’t seem rooted in reality except for the fact that Spyros is behind it. For the longest time, making a car with 1,000 hp was a really big deal. This jump in power seems almost casual, though it is far from casual.

I couldnt find the car of my dreams, so I built it myself

‘I couldn’t find the car of my dreams, so I built it myself,’  mentioned the greek designer in an instagram post.

‘the vehicle from point A to point B will take almost half of the time that a hypercar or mega car needs. the driver may now need special driving skills and a better perception of space to take advantage the most of the vehicle’s capabilities.’

after the cancellation of the geneva international motor show (GIMS) 2021/22 that they intended to make an official presentation, the designers announced that on monday, november 1, 2021, images and details will be published through the website of SP automotive. ‘the new material, the amorphous metal dubbed SAM2x5-630 is made by using metallic glass matrix composites (MGMC) to replace a number of atoms in standard steel’s crystal-like structure. in effect, this amalgam of materials creates a new version of steel that has incredible resilience to shock and is able to bounce back into shape, rather than bend or tear as ordinary steel may do under high pressure.’

production will be for limited pieces. ‘it w

production will be for limited pieces. ‘it will consist of the finest and most sophisticated materials, borrowed from F1 racing or aeronautical and space technology applications.’ only 100 chaos cars will be built, with an expected production of between 15 and 20 cars per year. the starting cost for the base model will be around 6.3 million dollars and for the 3,000-horsepower version around 14.3.  

zylon is used by NASA in long-duration, high-altitude data collection.

3D printed matrix LED tail lights

a lower center of mass is a principal performance advantage of a hypercar

material revolution in each and every one component of the ultracar


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