How to Get Your Car Title Notarized

Transferring to Family

If transferring a vehicle between spouses, a parent and child or a stepparent and stepchild, the recipient is exempt from the highway-use tax upon completion of the Highway-Use Tax Exemption Certificate (MVR-613).

The exemption is applicable to North Carolina residents transferring a North Carolina title to another North Carolina resident.

Where to notarize a car title

Next, find a notary public. You should be able to schedule an appointment with a notary through one of the following businesses. The typical fee is usually $4 to $10, depending on the state you live in. Banks and credit unions. Most financial institutions will keep a notary on staff who will notarize your documents for a fee. Pawn shops or UPS Stores. These types of businesses may be able to provide access to a notary for a small fee. Call ahead first to make sure. Online databases. You can use online notary databases like Notary Rotary to find a notary close to you.RECOMMENDED
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Where Do I Sign an Ohio Title?

The title MUST BE NOTARIZED! Do not sign the title until you are in front of a Notary Public.

Sign on the back of the title in the upper section of the document where it is marked “Transferor’s/Seller’s Signature.”

Print your name on the back where it reads “TRANSFEROR’S / SELLER’S Printed Name.”

How Much Does it Cost To Notarize a Car Title?

The exact cost of getting a car title notarized is

The exact cost of getting a car title notarized is going to vary from place to place. Notary fees can vary from state to state, so you need to be clear about how much the process is going to cost before you decide to sign up for a time slot.

At the same time, you may be able to save money on your notary fees if you decide to get your car title notarized virtually. Take a look at the fees associated with OneNotary and compare them to the cost of using a physical notary. You might be able to avoid some unnecessary expenses.

Can You Perform an Arizona Title Transfer Without a Notary?

The answer is no. Many states accept the title transfer without a notary’s certification, but Arizona isn’t one of them. The title transfer in AZ needs to have an official notary signature, stamp, and seal to be legally valid.

If you fail to obtain a notary certification, the document will be considered unenforceable, even if it meets all other requirements.

Preparing To Notarize your Vehicle Title

If you are interested in getting the title to your

If you are interested in getting the title to your vehicle notarized, you need to make sure you prepare accordingly. This means you need to bring at least one form of identification, the title to your vehicle, and possibly the vehicle itself. It depends on the way the vehicle title has been specified.

Then, you need to find a notary public who is available to assist you. It can be a lot of work to set up a meeting with a notary; however, there are other options available. What do you need to do to notarize a car title?

Part 2 of 2: At the notary public

Step 1: Take all required items and documents with you to your appointment. At the very least, you will need a state issued, photo ID card, or military ID card, the vehicle title that needs signing, and payment.

  • Tip: Don’t hesitate to double-check and confirm the documents you need to bring with you when you call to make an appointment with a notary.

Step 2: Sign the title. Sign the vehicle title with blue or black ink while the notary is in attendance.

  • Tip: Make sure the signature is consistent to the one on your ID card. For example, if you include your middle name or a suffix on your ID card, make sure you do the same on the title. This goes for both buyer and seller.

Step 3: Have the notary verify and sign. The notar

Step 3: Have the notary verify and sign. The notary will sign and stamp the title, verifying that the signature(s) is (are) authentic.

Step 4: Pay the notary fee. This fee varies by state, and has a maximum allowed.

  • Tip: For more information about notary fees in your state, go to the website of your Secretary of State.

Once the title has been notarized by a notary public, your car title transfer has been bound by law. You should have no problems when transferring the title, and all issues of liability regarding the vehicle are the responsibility of the new owner.

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