How To Unlock A GM Radio With Theftlock


  1. After reconnecting your vehicle’s battery, turn on your vehicle as normal.
  2. The display on the radio will read, “LOC” or “LOCKED” meaning the Theftlock feature is active, and your vehicle’s radio is “locked up”.
  3. Grab a notepad. Press and hold the 1 and 2 preset buttons for about 5-10 seconds until 3 numbers appear on the radio’s display. Write these numbers down. These are the first 3 digits of your vehicle’s radio’s identification code.
  4. After writing down the first 3 numbers of your vehicle’s radio’s identification code, immediately press the AM/FM button and you will see 3 more numbers appear on the radio’s display. These are the last 3 digits of your vehicle’s radios identification code. Write these numbers down.
  5. From any phone, dial #800#-537-5140. This is an automated line, so there is no need to talk to a live person.
  6. After the automated voice asks you to press 2 for Pontiac, enter 206010 and press the # key.
  7. Enter the 6 numbers for your vehicle’s radio’s identification number that you just wrote down and press the * key.
  8. The automated voice will give you a 4 digit code that you will be entering into your vehicle’s radio. Write this number down and hang up after you do.
  9. Once you are back in your vehicle, press the hour clock button to control the first 2 digits of the radio unlock code. Once the number you want is entered, press the minute clock button to control the last 2 digits of the radio unlock code.
  10. Once both sets of numbers for the radio unlock code are entered, press the AM/FM button on your vehicle’s radio.
  11. The radio’s display should now read, “SEC”, meaning that you’ve successfully unlocked your vehicles radio. Turn on your vehicle’s radio as normal and the radio should once again start playing. #:

How do you unlock the radio on a 2010 Chevy HHR?

To unlock the Chevy HHRs radio, turn the car on and make sure the radio is switched off. Then locate the minute button on the radio’s interface. Click the minute button and wait until a code that shows the numbers 000 appears on the radios screen. Click the minute button again until one zero disappears.


How do I unlock my 2013 GM radio?

To unlock the radio in the 2013 Chevy Silverado You will start by turning on the vehicle. You will see the display indication “LOC” which is telling You the theftlock system is activated. Now press and hold the reset buttons 1 and 4 for ten seconds or 2 and 3 if You radio does not have a fourth preset button.

Part 3 of 4: Obtain the radio unlock code

Now that you have your radio’s serial number, you can obtain the radio unlock code from General Motors. Be ready with a pen and paper to write down your radio unlock code.

Step 1: Contact the GM radio hotline. From any landline or cell phone, call the toll-free GM Radio hotline at 1(800) 537-5140.

Step 2: Enter the code. When it requests a code, enter “106010” on the keypad, followed by the pound (#) sign.

Step 3: Enter the radio serial number. You will be prompted to enter the radio serial number you have just obtained.

At the prompt, enter the number followed by the pound sign.

Step 4: Write down the radio unlock code. The prompt will read out your four-digit radio unlock code. Write it down precisely.

How Do I Unlock My Chevy Radio?

To unlock a Chevy radio, find the serial number of your radio. The serial number will be eight digits long and should be located on a sticker somewhere on the faceplate or housing of the radio. If you can’t find it, consult your owner’s manual.

Once you have the serial number, call Chevrolet customer service and give them the serial number. They will then provide you with a four-digit code that will unlock your radio.

Enter the code by pressing the buttons on the radi

Enter the code by pressing the buttons on the radio. The first button will be labeled “AM/FM.” Press and hold this button while also pressing the number “0” button four times. This should unlock your radio.


If your GM radio is locked, you can use a code to unlock it. The code is a five-digit number that can be found in your owner’s manual or on a sticker inside the glove box.

To enter the code, press and hold the “SETUP” button on your radio. While you are holding the “SETUP” button, enter the four-digit code.

Once you have entered the code, release the “SETUP” button. If the code worked, you will see a message on your radio display that says “Code Accepted.” If you do not see this message, or if you see a message that says “Incorrect Code,” try entering the code again.


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