I changed my ujoints, now i have vibration! HELP?

What Does A Bad U Joint Sound Like?

A bad u-joint can cause a clunking sound or jerkiness while driving, particularly when letting off of and pressing the accelerator. … Then, shift into drive. If the vehicle makes a clunking sound, or you can feel it knock one time after engagement, a u-joint is likely the culprit.

3. Vibration felt throughout the vehicle while moving forward at speed

This vibration means that the universal joint bearings have now worn enough to allow the driveshaft to move outside its normal rotational path, causing imbalance and vibration. This will be a higher frequency vibration than that of an out-of-balance wheel for example, since the driveshaft turns 3-4 times faster than the wheels. The worn universal joint is now causing damage to other components of the vehicle – including the transmission. Replacement of the universal joint by a professional mechanic is certainly in order at this point to prevent further damage. Your mechanic should, when possible, select quality replacement u-joints with a grease fitting, allowing for long-term preventative maintenance, and enabling extended life of the u-joint bearings.


Best Practices For Identifying U-Joint Problems

Troubleshooting and diagnosing U-joint problems an

Troubleshooting and diagnosing U-joint problems and failures can be difficult. Many other drive system components can be related to the symptoms felt, including bad tires, steering misalignment, transmission problems, etc.

Putting the vehicle on a dynamo and observing the undercarriage as the wheels spin can indicate the source of the problem. U-joint failures are often the result of another component’s problem rather than being a primary issue. If there is a U-joint failure, it’s important to look at the motor, axles, and other parts that may be contributing to the problem.

A good mechanic can get a “feel” for U-joint or driveshaft problems. Here are a couple of inspection options to identify U-joint failure:

  1. With the vehicle on a lift and the transmission in neutral, the driveshaft should be free to spin. Turning it by hand can reveal loose play in the U-joints, a sure indication of trouble.
  2. Removing the driveshaft and its U-joints for inspection can also reveal problems. Be sure to mark it in relationship to the differential yoke so as to re-install it at its balance point.

Next Step

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Can you spray WD40 on U-joint?

WD40 isn’t a lubricant and shouldn’t be used as one. It will actually take good oil away from moving parts. Use spray silicone or a light oil for bearings and joints..


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