The Honda Element Was Discontinued Too Soon

2023 Honda Element Redesign

If Honda does want to bring back Element, it is highly likely that it would be coming as the subcompact crossover (due to the wheelbase). But then again, the cubby shape is the unique thing that differentiates it from the competitors. In terms of mechanics, the model may be inspired by other Honda types, such as the HR-V and Jazz.

But here’s the thing: Honda has a crowded and packed lineup. Not to mention that there are several models that are already making good sales numbers, such as the HR-V, which seems to be way better than the sales record made by the Element. This is one thing that makes auto enthusiasts and experts unsure that Element would be coming back. Would Honda risk losing money making something that has low sales numbers? I don’t think so.


2022 Honda Element Engines

This aspect shouldn’t bring any particular surprises. We count on Honda’s familiar engine options and most likely, there will be two of them in the offer. We presume that older generations of Honda lovers still want to see a good-old naturally-aspirated engine in the offer, so base versions will probably come with a 2.0-liter inline-four, which puts out around 155 horsepower. On the other hand, higher trim levels will probably offer a newer-generation 1.5-liter turbo-four, which puts out around 180 horsepower.

Both engines will come in pair with a CVT gearbox, though we won’t exclude the possibility to see a manual gearbox in the offer as well, especially with the base engine.

What About Dog Friendly Package?

The original model was great for short adventure trips and there is no better companion than a dog in those occasions. That’s why the previous model was available with the Dog Friendly package, which included all kinds of features to make your dog’s journey more comfortable. There were things like a soft-sided crate with a built-in, spill-resistant water bowl, an electric cooling fan in the cargo hold, portable ramp, unique dog-pattern seat covers, a swag bag with accessories like a collar, leash, poop-bag dispenser and ID tag, and unique badges on the outside.

We presume that the new 2022 Honda Element Dog Friendly SUV would come with a similar package on the offer, maybe even as a part of standard equipment. More details should come in the future.

2023 Honda Element Engine Arrangement

This sector shouldn’t be too surprising. The options would be familiar with the base version that uses the inline-four naturally aspirated engine with a 2.0-liter capacity, delivering 158 hp. It should be sufficient for nice dynamics and daily commute. However, there is also another ambitious option with a turbo-four engine of 1.5-liter capacity. It generates 190 hp with more impressive and stronger driving dynamics. It is most likely that both of them would be coming in the CVT gearbox.

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