What do Rocket League players mean when they ask to “sign”?


If you own Rocket League on Steam then the game is attached to your Steam account. The game is no longer available to buy on Steam so you can't make new accounts anymore but you can swap to other existing accounts.

  1. If you're logged into Steam, go to the top left menu and click Steam
  2. Go to Change Account and click Log Out
  3. Log back into Steam using the account attached to the Rocket League account you want to access
  4. Launch Rocket League

However, if you want to log out of the account so another person can log in and play on the same device Steam does have another option. Having the game downloaded will let them play the game if they use the same computer even if they didn't buy the game themselves. Family Share is also an option for letting someone play the game without needing to be on the same computer. Using the Family Share option will not let you play the game together.

Will fall guys be free?

Mediatonic declined to comment on whether the deal means “Fall Guys” will eventually go free-to-play, as “Rocket League” did after its acquisition. Currently the game costs $19.99 on Steam and can be played for free on PlayStation with a PlayStation Plus subscription ($9.99 per month).


What does it mean to get a sign in Rocket League?

They mean “sign” their Steam profile (or comment on it). It’s like getting an autograph from someone you look up to. The competitors are probably fans of the YouTubers you watch and that is why they ask.

Can I Unlink one of my additional Platforms?

There is a more detailed Rocket League support page here () however, you can disconnect and unlink platforms from your account through the Rocket League Connect Accounts website page.

Disconnecting one of these accounts will mean you can no longer connect a different platform of the same type to that Epic Games Account. This means disconnecting a PlayStation account means you cannot connect to a different PlayStation account in the future.


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