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What the air suspension warning light means

The car’s computer will turn on the air suspension warning light if it detects any abnormal activity. Typically, this will occur if the compressor isn’t providing as much air as it should or if there is a leak in the one of the bags. A leak in one of the bags will cause the ride height to be lower, which is detected by the computer using the height sensor. Always have the height sensors checked out before replacing a bag as these can malfunction and give a false reading causing the warning light to illuminate.

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Can you repair air suspension?

Air Suspension Repair As mentioned previously, one option is to repair the system by replacing the damaged air Suspension units with new units. The benefits of this option are that it restores the vehicles air suspension to its original condition and functionality.

What You Should Do If Your Air Suspension Warning Light Is Activated

Vehicle manufacturers like VW advise their customers to take immediate action since your vehicle’s handling, stability, and ground clearance may be affected. They recommend that you drive carefully and slowly to an authorized repair shop to have the system examined. 

At Norlang Auto, we have highly trained and experienced technicians, as well as the proper equipment to diagnose, repair or replace your air suspension system. When this warning light comes on, the computer saves a code to identify any issues that have been detected. We have the tools to identify the code and ensure the correct repairs are done and done right the first time.

Common issues associated with air suspension

The issues that air suspension typically encounters are unique to the parts that are associated with such a design. Not all cars have air suspensions, and it’s important to know what type of suspension your car has so you can recognize the signs of failure. Here are some of the common issues associated with air suspensions in particular:

Leaking air

Since air suspensions run off of air, it is relatively typical for air leaks to occur when there’s an issue. The various parts of the suspension offer different avenues for air to escape, which include the rubber seals that are susceptible to holes and punctures. Since there are several components of your air suspension that can be the culprit of leaking air, it’s essential to consult with a professional automotive technician who is familiar with the various parts involved in air suspension—especially with your specific brand of car.

Compressor malfunctioning

As we mentioned before, the air bags that support the car are filled with air by way of an air compressor. If the air compressor begins to fail or malfunction, then the bags won’t fill with air, allowing the car to slam down onto other critical parts on impact. The compressor relies on a motor to generate air to fill the bags with, and this is generally where issues come up. If the compressor is beginning to fail in your air suspension, you might encounter strange noises related to the compressor motor dying. You might also experience the vehicle sitting lower than it normally does on any given day. These signs are concerning, and should be addressed immediately.

Air Springs

The other essential component in an air system is the air springs. The rubber seals inside the springs can wear out over time or the rubber air bags can crack, leaking air out of the system and causing the suspension to malfunction. You’ll notice a less-than-comfortable ride, or your vehicle may even be visually crooked. Aside from that, another indicator is hearing the compressor running more than normal as it tries to keep up with the air that’s leaking out of the system as you drive. Do not let a leaking air spring go for too long, as it will eventually wear out the compressor as well.

Is there a fuse for air suspension?

A blown fuse is the most common cause of inactive air suspension and could be a really simple fix. … Your system will likely have more than one fuse to run the system. A fuse for the compressor and a separate fuse for the ASCM. The compressor fuse is more likely to be the issue.


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