What Does the Electronic Power Control (EPC) Warning Light Mean?

What Does EPC Mean On A Car?

The electronic power control (EPC) is a computerized engine and ignition management system found in newer Volkswagen cars.  This system was initially built to control the ignition and throttle system. However, it now controls other electrical systems like cruise control and electronic stability control.The EPC works with other car parts like the ECU, a

The EPC works with other car parts like the ECU, also found in many Volkswagen groups of cars. The ECU stands for Electronic control unit and serves as the brain of your vehicle. It functions to enable smooth performance in your engine, drivetrain, and other systems.

EPC works together with the ECU to monitor how other systems in your car works. So when they detect an issue with any of the systems or sensors, they trigger a warning light that appears on your dashboard. Just as the EPC controls some components, other components also control the ECP.

For example, the brake control unit, engine control unit, and steering control units control the ECP. So when something goes wrong with the ECP, your car might drastically experience a reduction in performance and fuel efficiency. 

Because of the way these parts are intertwined, a warning light might illuminate your dashboard if there are any malfunctions. One of those warning lights is the EPC light. Sometimes, more than one warning light comes on to tell you that something is wrong with your car. For instance, while your EPC lights come on, the check engine light might follow suit.


EPC Light on Audi Vehicles

If the Audi EPC light has turned on in your vehicle, you’re probably also experiencing trouble with acceleration and trying to figure out the Audi EPC light meaning. An EPC light typically illuminates when there is a loss of power in your vehicle. If the computer in your Audi detects a problem with any of the components of the throttle system, it may reduce power output to lessen the stress on your vehicle’s engine. If you’ve ever driven a car with a manual transmission and stalled, you might be experiencing a similar sensation in your new Audi.

The best thing to do when an Audi EPC light turns on is to bring your vehicle to our service department. Our technicians can diagnose an EPC light and repair or replace any malfunctioning components and get you back on the road behind the wheel of a vehicle that delivers the acceleration you’re accustomed to.


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Can a Dead Battery Cause the EPC Light To Come On?

Yes. Your vehicle’s systems and sensors rely on a baseline voltage (which can vary depending on the sensor) to work properly. Any dip in that baseline voltage, from a dead battery, failing alternator, or even a bad or loose battery cable, can be enough to cause drivability problems or just shut the vehicle down entirely and trigger the EPC light.

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Schedule Warning Light is on Inspection

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Is It Possible for Me to Perform a VW EPC Light Reset Myself?

Yes, but we very strongly urge you not to do so. As we’ve illustrated several times, the Volkswagen EPC light can point to several problems that may cause catastrophic failure. Simply turning the light off will not solve any of these issues. An EPC light and similar indicators like a check-engine light will throw codes that will indicate the issue. These codes must be accessed and read with specific tools, and when reset, those codes may not be accessible.

When you take your vehicle into our dealership with issues like a Volkswagen EPC engine light, we’ll scan the code with the right tools, interpret it, and track down the specific systems and parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Once any work is complete, we’ll reset the light properly. After all, turning off your alarm clock won’t suddenly make it not time to wake up.

At Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw, we’re here to help with prompt service, friendly staff, and expert technicians. Whether it’s a Volkswagen EPC light you need to diagnose and fix or an oil change through our VW Express Lane services, we want your VW to drive as smoothly as the day it left the factory.

Common EPC Light Causes

The most common causes of an EPC light showing up on your Audi or VW are a faulty throttle body, a faulty ABS sensor, a cracked ABS ring, or a faulty brake pedal switch.

Here are a few of the issues that could trigger the EPC light.

  • Throttle body failure
  • Bad ABS Sensor – Common on newer VW Passats
  • Failed brake pedal switch – Common problem on Golf 4 & Fabia
  • Bad ABS Ring
  • Bad ABS sensor wiring
  • A failed brake pressure sensor (Inside the ABS Module)
  • A Bad Engine Sensor
  • Internal engine problem
  • Power steering failure
  • Steering wheel sensor
  • Wiring issues

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Is it dangerous to drive with the EPC light on?

Always fix the EPC issue as soon as possible. When

Always fix the EPC issue as soon as possible. When the light is on, it means there may be several limited functions in your car.

Since the EPC is integrated with the steering and brake system, it could cause engine damage and cause serious accidents because of limited brake or steering functions.

When this light appears on your dashboard, drive to the closest mechanic workshop for them to consider it as soon as possible.

The EPC light often limits your car’s engine power and other functions to drive slowly to the closest mechanic workshop without issues.

Usually, the EPC issue won’t cause damages to your car if you are driving carefully – but maybe the problem is more serious, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What Is the EPC Light on a Volkswagen or Audi? The EPC warning light on your Volkswagen or Audi means there is a problem with the EPC (Electric Power Control) system. The EPC system controls the throttle control, including the throttle body, accelerator pedal, cruise control, or traction control. Can the EPC Warning Light Cause a Loss of Power? Yes, the EPC warning light controls the throttle system and can cause a sudden power loss. Sometimes, you can not rev up the engine at all when the light appears. How much does it cost to fix the EPC light? There is no fixed price to fix the EPC light because different things can cause it. Usually, it will cost anything between $100 to $400 to fix the EPC light, but sometimes it can be more expensive. How do I fix my EPC light? To fix the VW EPC light, you need to read the trouble codes with an OBD2 scanner. Once you know what the trouble codes are telling you, you need to continue troubleshooting these codes. Just guessing the problem will only waste your money.


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