Winnebago Unveils Shorter, Cheaper Camper Van Called Solis Pocket

From the versatile Winnebago Solis to the rugged Revel 44 to the award-winning Travato, check out the latest and greatest in Class B innovations from Winnebago

Over the decades, Winnebago has become something of an American institution among RVers, campers and travel enthusiasts. Few people could mistake the company’s iconic red emblem found on motorhomes, RVs and campervans since the 1960s. In fact, Winnebago is so ubiquitous and well-known that sometimes the company’s name is synonymous with all motorhomes and RVs.

What some folks don’t realize is that this classic American brand is still manufacturing award-winning models of Class B motorhomes to this day—many of which we sell right here at Classic Vans, both new and used.

From the versatile Winnebago Solis to the rugged Revel 4×4 to the affordable Travato, these campervans feature the latest and greatest in RV capability and technology. With a well-established brand like Winnebago, you can be confident that you’re getting the very best in American-made recreational vehicles.


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How Much Does a Winnebago Sprinter Cost?

There are five Winnebagos that use the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, including the Era, the Boldt, the Revel, the View, and the Navion.

Which also happens to be the five most expensive Class B and Class B+ RVs that Winnebago makes, ranging in price from $150,000 to $190,000, due in large part to their premium Sprinter chassis.

As there are three main work van chassis used for camper vans and Class B RVs, including the Ford Transit, the RAM Promaster, and the Mercedes Sprinter.

With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter being by far the most premium and high-end van chassis, thanks to numerous advanced safety features, excellent gas mileage, superior reliability, and available 4×4 capability.

However, all of these premium features don’t come cheap, as the Mercedes Sprinter van is also by far the most expensive van chassis.

Which adds substantial cost to the Winnebago Class B and B+ RVs that utilize it.


Winnebago Travato Cost Compared to Other Class B RVs

The Winnebago Travato’s $130,000 average price places the Travato in about the middle of the pack when it comes to Class B RV pricing.

As the Travato costs anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 more compared to entry-level Class B RVs, such as the Thor Sequence and Winnebago Solis.

And costs anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 less compared to more high-end and luxury Class B RVs, such as the Coachmen Galleria and the Winnebago Revel.

Class B RV Pricing (Least to Most Expensive)

Make/Model Sleeps Bathroom Average Cost
Winnebago Solis Pocket 3 Toilet Only $80,000
Pleasure-Way Tofino 4 N/A $90,500
Thor Motor Coach Sequence 2 Wet Bath $94,000
Winnebago Solis 4 Wet Bath $94,000
Jayco Swift 2 Wet Bath $102,000
Thor Motor Coach Tellaro 4 Wet Bath $107,000
Winnebago Travato 2 Wet Bath $130,000
Roadtrek Zion Slumber 5 Wet Bath $140,000
Coachmen Galleria 2 Wet Bath $155,000
Winnebago Boldt 2 Wet Bath $180,000
Winnebago Revel 2 Wet Bath $190,000

For even more Class B RV pricing, check out our article “What Does a Class B RV Cost? (18 Examples)

Unlike other Winnebago camper vans, such as the Winnebago Solis and Solis Pocket that were just recently released, and have very limited used inventory.

They’re actually quite a few used Winnebago Travatos on the market today, thanks to its much earlier 2014 release.

Which is good news for those RVers shopping on a budget.

As a used Winnebago Travato can cost anywhere from $20,000 to as much as $60,000 less compared to a new one.

With used Winnebago Travatos costing between $60,000 and $120,000, depending on its age, condition, trim level, and features.

As you can see below, which are actual listings of used Winnebago Travatos for sale on at the time of this writing.  

Used Winnebago Travato Listings (Least to Most Expensive)

Model/Trim Year  List Price
Travato 59G 2015 $61,995
Travato 59K 2017 $69,987
Travato 59K 2018 $74,988
Travato 59G 2014 $79,995
Travato 59K 2018 $99,976
Travato 59G 2020 $99,999
Travato 59K 2020 $109,891
Travato 59KL 2019 $119,000
Travato 59GL 2020 $119,900

Winnebago Roam: Americas First Class B Camper for Wheelchairs

Part of the company’s mission is to make road adventure accessible to everyone, which is why the Winnebago Specialty Vehicle Division announced in 2021 the release of the first Class B RV designed with a wheelchair lift and many accessibility features. The Winnebago Roam combines smart design and functionality with state-of-the-art technology to make road travel and camping more comfortable for travelers who need enough space for a wheelchair.

Learn More

The Free Bird

Courtesy of Caravan Outfitter.

Courtesy of Caravan Outfitter.

Cost: Starting at $38,100 for van and conversion

Key Features: Built on the Nissan NV200 cargo van, the Free Bird uses a convenient slide-rail system that makes switching from camper van to cargo hauler a cinch. The slide-and-glide system allows all of the components to be installed or removed in about two minutes.

The main cabin is a series of boxes that hold everything you need to camp. The kitchen is accessed from the rear in a slide-out kitchen box; it consists of a portable butane stove and two storage drawers. Another large storage box behind the front two seats houses a deep cycle auxiliary battery that powers the dimmable LED lighting, two USB power ports, and the 31-quart fridge. Head over here for more info.

WIT Club

You don’t just buy a Winnebago, you join a community. The WIT Club is a society of travelers that make up the longest manufacturer-managed club in the country.


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