Fabulous Do It Yourself Hobbit Hole … Costs Only $300 To Build!

Features of the hobbit construction process and house equipping

This building is an example of a minimal impact on nature and permaculture approach to life. This type of construction gives a life in harmony with the natural world and yourself. Consequently, as a result, you get the low cost, safety and stability of the building.

Here are the main features of the hobbit construction process:

  1. Materials for the building are “natural gifts” – trees, stones, straw.
  2. The construction size depends on your preference and number of its residents.
  3. The using of a solar cell will generate power, which would be enough to use a computer or television.
  4. A refrigerator can be replaced by a natural cellar – a pretty deep hole in the ground, which will always be in the shade and thus perform its function absolutely free of charge.
  5. Water also will not take any fees, because it will go to the house from a close natural spring.
  6. On the roof it is necessary to create a transparent dome, it will allow the sun to illuminate the whole home during the day and at night you may admire the starry sky.
  7. A fireplace will be heating your home. It is really better to make it of large stone, thus it will keep warm for a long time.


The Hobbit House in the Cotswolds


While it is completely above-ground, the fantastical construction of this sheep shed in the Cotswolds, England, has earned it the local nickname “Hobbit House”. Built without permission by a local artist, the sprawling construction took nearly ten years to build. Abandoned in the 1990s, it’s an unconventional tourist stop today. derelictplaces.co.uk

Iranian Troglodyte Homes


The Iranian village of Kandovan is usually described as a “gigantic termite colony”. Volcanic rock formed a small group of cone-like caves that eventually attracted human inhabitants. The small town, like many of the other underground dwellings on this list, has become a veritable tourist destination. heritageinstitute.com


The Magical Hard Shell

Green Magic Homes

Enter Green Magic Homes. It developed a modular home building system that modernizes the humble earth shelter using vaulted panels. The panels are made from a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and are designed to work in conjunction with Earth covering. The assembled structure is rated to hold 8 inches of soil and a live load of 44 inches per square foot. The additional load might be imposed by things like plants, snow, or people walking on the home.

Several key points of the hobbit home incarnation

A hobbit style house in fact is a part of the slope to minimize the change of the natural landscape. Stones and soil after the excavation are used in the construction of the walls and foundation. The frame of oak trees can be left after thinning in the nearby forest. The self-supporting roof construction looks fantastic, but it is not so difficult to create.

The realization of your own dreams are not only fun, but also allows you to create a home that is part of yourself. Desire and creative flight of thought, coupled with the availability of natural material can make this extraordinary structure. At least, this is quite different from the modern home idea, because of the fact that the construction industry produces today, thinking only of the profit and convenience. The building of natural materials does not bring profit, but helps to get rid of carcinogenic poisons that are filled with modern buildings.

Of course, you may afford such a house for permanent residence just if you live in areas, where there is summer year-round. For northern cities this house will only serve as an entertainment. It can be constructed for children or used as a summer house for guests, who will surely be delighted with it.

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