How to Build a Fire Pit

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27. The Backyard Stone Fire Pit Project



This basic stone fire pit is created to fit the existing rocky landscape. It could be a great space to gather 10 to 15 friends and family members around and enjoy the juicy barbecue. The most exciting about this design is the price – it costs about $110! Unbelievable!

More info: Here


31. Another Simple Circular Pit Design



Here is something basic, functional and, yet, amazing! Think of a spot where you can build it and… start digging!  🙂

More info: Here

Get Classic Lines With Cinder Block Caps

Delia's Photos

Fire-resistant cinder block caps can be artfully designed into a square, contemporary-styled fire pit with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Although cinder blocks are fire-resistant, they are not fireproof and, over prolonged use, will eventually crumble. To protect and extend the viability of your fire pit, consider using a fire ring as a liner or fire bricks.

7. DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

It’s a nice alternative if you don’t have space for a backyard firepit, it fire bowl table fits easily on a deck or small patio. Check out the informative tutorial here!

5. Concrete Tree Rings Fire Pit

This petite fire pit stands out for its unusual design and colour. Now that scalloped edges are currently on trend, this is the most fashionable fire pit in our list!


12. Pick and mix your own design

Raleigh stainless-steel fire pit from Wayfair (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Wayfair)

There’s little more satisfying than putting scrap to good use and creating your DIY fire pit ideas needn’t be any different. If you have a metal water bowl, tray or even an old-fashioned galvanized dustbin lid you can put it to use as log burner. 

Think about ways of lifting it up to enhance the overall shape and impact. Safety is paramount though, particularly if you’re including a fire pit as part of your family garden ideas – so always use a sturdy and non-flammable frame or plinth and make sure it’s set on stable, flat ground. A plant stand, stone or metal planter or plinth made from bricks can all work well. The design pictured boasts stylish simplicity, but shows that even a section of metal piping or a concrete manhole surround can make an attractive base.

DIY Easy Fire Pit With Pavers

Keeping It Simple

Fast, easy, and, most importantly, inexpensive describes the approach taken to creating this fire pit. Kaysi, from the home and craft blog called Keeping It Simple, and her husband wanted a quick backyard fire pit for the weekend and decided to build it with retaining wall blocks.

A trip to Home Depot cost them around $50 for retaining wall blocks, sand, and pavers. They first laid a ring of blocks, maintaining a diameter of 33 inches, then installed pavers for the floor. A quick sweep of sand across the pavers was enough to lock them in place and prevent the blocks from shifting.

The project did not include grout, mortar, or concrete, making it a perfect starter masonry project. The hardest part was paring down some pavers with a hammer to create a circle. Kaysi used a hammer and masonry chisel, making sure to wear heavy gloves and safety glasses.

7. Create a stunning fire pit table

This bespoke outdoor table with a central gas fire pit was designed by Tom Howard Garden Design (opens in new tab)

(Image credit: Tom Howard Garden Design)

A perfect focal point for your outdoor dining ideas, a stylish fire table is surprisingly straightforward to design. Featuring a central gas burner set into a smooth, non-flammable surface, it’s great place for friends and family to gather round, perch drinks, snacks and enjoy meals too. 

This design by Tom Howard Garden Design (opens in new tab) in relatively simple in construction but exquisitely finished. A mains supplied gas burner, in stainless steel, is set into a block built table with a 30mm granite top. ‘The control panel is hidden around the side attached to one of the rendered surfaces, along with a cut off valve,’ explains Tom. ‘We built the base of the table from concrete blocks with air vents for the gas burner. The concrete blocks were then rendered and painted. Because of the tabletop’s large overhang – needed to get your legs under – we had to have a sheet of steel fixed to the top first to support the granite. The granite was then fixed on top with silicon and a hole cut out of the middle for the burner.’

You’ll find tons more inspiration for your garden table ideas over in our feature. 

4. DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl

If you’re an apartment dweller and love entertaining outside on your balcony or rooftop, this DIY tabletop fire bowl deserves a try.

Tools Materials

  • Brick hammer

    Brick hammer

  • Cold chisel

    Cold chisel

  • Spade


  • Hoe


  • Metal rake

    Metal rake

  • Tamper


  • Level - 2 foot

    Level – 2 foot

  • Level - 4 foot

    Level – 4 foot

  • Mallet


  • Caulk gun

    Caulk gun

  • Pointed trowel

    Pointed trowel

  • Power grinder

    Power grinder

12. Crazy Paving

Make your fire pit stand out from the rest with this unusual tiling. This is one of the simplest and most effective DIY fire pit ideas, it goes to show that one small change can affect the whole look of your pit. Maybe you have some of your own creative designs in mind after seeing these DIY fire pit ideas…?


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