How to build an outdoor shower with hot water

Use your House’s Plumbing


The first one will be to install the outdoor shower close to the hot water source. To do that, the best location of the outdoor shower will be the outer wall of any of your house’s bathrooms. In particular, access the hot water supply from the outside and extend new tubing for the shower. Pipes can be run a short distance up the side of the house to be attached to the shower fixture.

If you locate the shower away from the house, you can extend the hot and cold water supply to the outdoor shower via PEX tubing or plumbing buried underground. You can hire a plumber, or you can do it yourself if you have some experience with plumbing. Depending on the distance, this option would cost you between $200-$1,000.

13 14. Shower Curtain enclosures

Let’s get artistic! Shower curtains or outdo

Let’s get artistic! Shower curtains or outdoor fabrics come in all kinds of colors and patterns. Use with a  Bendable or Half Oval Shower Curtain Rod  or a bendable metal rod to wrap around as a simple outdoor shower enclosure.  ( Source: 13 | 14 )


29 30. Attractive and functional built-in shelves

Great ideas on how to build showers with built-in

Great ideas on how to build showers with built-in shelves for towels and soaps! Don’t forget to use bio-degradable soaps like these to shower! ( Source: 29 | 30 )

5. A very stylish outdoor shower from Ecco Temp

If you’re not completely onboard with the id

If you’re not completely onboard with the idea of showering under a water barrel or shower bag, then this off grid shower is a little closer to home. It still uses propane and water from the mains, with a mixer tank that wouldn’t look out of place in your bathroom. But once you hook it up to a tree outdoors, you’ll feel like you’re miles from civilization.

Points To Remember While Installing Outdoor Shower 

Installing an outdoor shower is becoming more popular in backyards, patios, and decks. Luxurious bathing zones are the most popular choices by outdoor enthusiasts. 

Are you thinking about installing one at your own house? Then check these pointers before you move ahead with the installation procedure.


There are numerous things to look after while choosing the perfect accessory for your outdoor shower. Here are a few handy tips to select the suitable shower for your outdoors. 

Apart from these, consulting a professional about costings and installation will benefit you to understand each of these requirements.

Extending Indoor Plumbing

If your outdoor shower is close to your house, a simple hose pipe extension will deliver hot water for your outdoor bath. But you will need one more thing: drainage as you will need to get rid of the shower wastewater.

Garden Hose

Connecting your existing garden hose to your outdoor shower is an easy, cost-effective and flexible option. You can choose a place where you want your outdoor shower and can just extend your garden hose till the point and your outdoor shower is ready to use. 

Fixed Plumbing

Installing a permanent water line for your outdoor shower is expensive but is the most efficient way to have a rigid outdoor shower. But if you want something luxurious, away from home amidst your garden. Then fixed plumbing is the best option. A luxury outdoor shower can turn an ordinary deck into a fabulous space to relax. The process of installing new pipes requires some extra work and money, but it will pay off with a whole unique luxurious experience.


Outdoor showers can bring ambiance to your pool or garden. Outdoor showers are a great way to add something different to an existing garden, deck, or patio. But while installing a shower outdoors, you need to look after the drainage system. They do not need to be complex drainage systems, but having simple drainage is of utmost importance. Because frequently draining your bath or showering wastewater into your garden can cause problems and health hazards. Choose the drainage option that works for you. 

There are multiple simple ways to drain out shower water from your outdoor shower area. A few of them are Shower Pan, Dry Well, French Drain, etc.


Choosing a proper location at your convenience is crucial. There are various locations you choose from to install the shower system at your home.

Close To Nature

Outdoor bathing is the simple idea to experience a fresh breeze and leafy greens outside and connect to nature. Look around your outdoor garden and find a spot that offers privacy and a great connection to nature.

Next To Your House Wall

There’s nothing like a hot outdoor shower after a long day. If you need a hot shower within your budget, choosing a shower location next to your house will be a good option. 

With little expense, you can extend your internal hot and cold water system to the outdoor spaces and can have the comfort of having a hot water bath even on cold and breezy days. 

Making Use Of Existing Floor

Having a clean, flat, comfortable, and non slippery shower base is essential. You can either use the existing patio, deck, or a concrete floor as a shower base or install a new one. But using existing floors as a shower base is a cost-effective and easy way.  

Step 4

Install the plumbing. Use a 5/8″ spade bit to drill a hole all the way through the 4″ × 4″ about 6″ above the ground and 2-1/2″ above the base. Connect the plumbing in the following order: Shower head – shower arm – 90° elbow – 48″ length – faucet – 24″ length – 90° elbow – 6″ length. Use nylon plumbing tape at each joint. Then, stick the 6″ horizontal pipe length through the hole in the base of the 4″× 4″upright, and set the plumbing flush to the face. Use 2-1/2″ screws to secure the plumbing to the 4″ × 4″ with the pipe straps.


How do you add plumbing for outdoor showers?

Outdoor showers can be plumbed with a garden hose or with fixed pipes. Here are three options, from simple to more complex. Be sure to check with your contractor or jurisdiction about permits and gray-water runoff requirements.

Cold-Water Hose Plumbing: The easiest setup involves running a simple garden hose between a faucet and a shower fixture. Yes, this means cold showers only. But that may be all you need if you’re using the shower only in hot summer months or to rinse off dogs or sandy feet.

 Above: An outdoor shower with a hose connection.
Above: An outdoor shower with a hose connection. To supply water, a garden hose is connected to the base of the Screw Coro Outdoor Shower; £589 from Made in Design.

Hot and Cold Outdoor Faucets: You can tap into your home’s hot-water supply for an outdoor shower. The easiest way is to have a plumber install a hot-water faucet next to your existing (and cold water only) garden faucet. Then you can attach two hoses easily and quickly to the outdoor fixture. Make sure to use heavy-duty hoses. For more durability, consider stainless steel washing-machine hoses. Installation is a breeze with this option, and it’s less costly than permanent water lines. It also avoids frozen pipes in the winter, as you can just detach the hoses and store them.

 Above: Side-by-side hot- and cold-water faucets.
Above: Side-by-side hot- and cold-water faucets. For information and prices of the company’s custom-built showers, see Cape Cod Outdoor Shower Company. Photograph via Cape Cod Outdoor Shower Company.

Fixed Plumbing Pipes: Hooking up to the permanent water lines in your home is another option. Pipes can be run a short distance up the side of the house to be attached to a shower fixture that’s mounted onto the siding. Plumbing also can be installed to supply water to a shower positioned away from the house via pipes that exit the house and are buried underground. While buried permanent lines are more aesthetically pleasing than hoses, they’re susceptible to freezing and cracking in cold climates and must be drained in the winter.

3. This cute, eco-friendly off grid shower at Channel Rock, Ca

Have you ever wanted your own treehouse, but feel

Have you ever wanted your own treehouse, but feel like you’ve just gotten too old to get away with it? This thermosiphon shower doesn’t look far-off in terms of design. Housed within a wooden shack is an off grid shower that uses two different types of heating to warm up your water supply. 

Am embedded water storage tank takes heat directly from the sun’s energy, while a thermosiphon-based heater uses a more complicated process based on convection. A solar panel heats the water in the storage tank, which rises against gravity into an insulated tank. It’s a clever alternative to electricity and insulated enough that you should still be able to bask under a hot shower when the sun’s hiding behind the clouds.

Cost of an Outdoor Shower Space

The outdoor shower cost can be divided into three main areas:

  • The shower head and fixtures
  • The floor and landscaping
  • The plumbing materials and labour costs

The total cost of your setup could vary considerably, whether you’re chasing a dedicated outdoor shower nook for privacy or just a shower head mounted to the wall of an outdoor space.

The dedicated nook with a modern design could cost between $1000 and $2000 in materials, including the shower head, pavers, timber and drains. The costs will then escalate depending on the scope of the work and trades required to make the installation and landscaping happen.

Having a basic outdoor shower installed on the exterior deck or at the side of a home could be a far more affordable option. The essential parts can be purchased for anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the quality and brand name of the desired fixtures.

A plumber is still required to connect the outdoor shower to a home’s water supply. The costs of an install will always depend on factors including location and whether you plan to use cold water only or want access to hot water for outdoor showers.

One cool cost saving hack is to have the shower head fixed to the wall adjacent to the bathroom or by the hot water system. This way, the pipework can be kept to a bare minimum by leveraging off the existing plumbing.

Stainless steel is the best material for outdoor fixtures, but it is more expensive than the alternatives. Consider chrome plated or copper/brass fixtures as an alternative to ensure longevity.

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