How to Change a Light Fixture Without Hiring an Electrician


  • Although there are many different types of light fixtures, the basic procedure tends to remain the same when removing each type. Remove the light shade or bowl first, then the bulbs, and then the fixture plate to expose the wires.

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LED light systems are equally or more complex. I have the following model installed in my bedrooms: dl13smd3000k ip44 saa.


I found a clip on this that comes off. I suppose that will allow other similar ones to be installed.

Lawrence Leibowitz sent me this on 10 October 2017:

He asked: “How do I remove for replacement? No visible screws. Bar does rotate about 15-20 degrees in either direction so maybe that’s the key but I don’t want to force it any further.”




Loosen the wire nuts connecting the fixture wires to the house wiring by turning them counterclockwise. Pull the wires apart. Turn the screws of the electrical clamp – holding the wire in the fixture – counterclockwise to loosen the clamp. Pull the wire through the clamp. Turn one wire nut clockwise onto the end of each house wire. Wrap electrical tape over the wire nut and onto each wire to ensure that the nuts don’t loosen and slide off the wires.


Set up a stepladder below the light. Push up, tilt and drop a flat acrylic panel cover or pull down on a wrap-around style fluorescent light cover. Set the cover aside.

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2) NOTCH/GROOVE MECHANISM: Twist and pull down 

The glass dome may have been fitted onto the base through a notch/grove type mechanism.

  • Pressing up on the glass lightly while twisting the pulling down may release it.
  • Turn slightly until you find the notch, then you push up into the notch & pull down


  • One person should pin the metal against the ceiling with the end of a broom stick while the other person should push or move the dome

For a fitting with a metal pole coming through the centre of the dome:

  • Hold on to the glass, but pull the metal piece a bit to one side and then unscrew it.

EXAMPLE FROM Trung Le Quoc: “we figured out how to open this light fixture: we just simply pulled the cover downward.”


Changing a regular lightbulb is child’s play. But, removing a screwless light fixture can seem like a puzzling task. But once you know which kind of light fixture you have, you should be able to dismantle it in next to no time. Following the steps mentioned above makes putting it back together just as easy.

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