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Installing Curtain Rods

The trickiest part of hanging curtains is knowing where to put the curtain rod. It differs based on a few factors including the style of the window, the type of window covering, and the height of the ceiling.

Is It Okay For Curtains Not To Touch The Floor?

Ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference. However, most designers do recommend that curtains and drapes touch the floor in one way or another. Curtains can puddle on the floor or lightly brush it. However, if you do not want your curtains to touch the floor, consider having them hang about an inch above it. This is perfectly acceptable.

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4. Drill Larger Holes Add Anchors

Once you’ve made pilot holes on the other side of the window using the other half of your template (this is why you marked 10.5″ from BOTH sides of the cardboard) you can proceed. If you hit any studs, skip to the next step. Otherwise, you’ll need to add anchors, which are typically provided with your curtain rod

Swap out your drill bit for the correct size that works with your anchors (ours needed a 3/16″ drill bit) and drill into each premade pilot hole to make larger holes for your anchors. Bonus – the template acts as a great way to catch drywall dust!

With all of your anchor-ready holes drilled, gently tap in your anchors in with a hammer or mallet. If you’re able to push your anchors into the wall by hand, you’re making your holes too large! Switch to a smaller bit or keep your drill steadier as you drill. Loose anchors can cause your rod to sag or fall out of the wall over time.

Mark the Place You Want to Install the Curtain

In the second step on how to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling, you need to mark the part of the ceiling where you want to install the curtain.

By using the stair, mark each corner of the room ceiling, based on your bed size.

In this process, you might need a hand to help with measurement. You should also do it carefully. This process is necessary to determine the position where you will hang the curtain.

Furthermore, make sure the position fits with the position of your bed.

Place the Rod and Curtain

After placing the hook in the ceiling, you can sta

After placing the hook in the ceiling, you can start installing the rod and curtain.

You can put the rod on the hook and make sure it is in the right position.

After that, release it and start the curtain installation process.

Next, slide or clip the curtain you have prepared

Next, slide or clip the curtain you have prepared for the curtain rod.

After that, place the rod on each hook. Once installed perfectly, you can also arrange according to the style you want.

You can tie it or let it hang down to frame your bed.

That’s how to hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling that you can try.

You can try different models, colors, and curtain materials to create different looks.

Thus, your room can be the most pleasant place to spend your free time.

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How to Hang Curtains

Hang the curtains using this simple two-step process once you have panels in the correct width and length.

What You Need

  • Curtain rod with brackets
  • Screws
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Wall anchors (optional)

cottage style contemporary living room with blue curtains Credit: Brie Williams

Things You’ll Need

Using a Rod and Brackets

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Brackets and a rod for the ceiling
  • Hollow wall anchors (molly bolts) or screws
  • Drill bits and drill
  • Curtain

Installing a Track for Curtains

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Track bracket meant for the ceiling
  • Hollow wall anchors (molly bolts) or screws
  • Drill bits and drill
  • Curtain with small hooks

DO hang your curtains close to the ceiling

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but here’s your official reminder to always hang your curtain rods high and wide. If you hang your rods to look like they’re hugging the window, it makes the window (and as a result, pretty much the entire room) feel smaller. Hanging them higher than the window creates the illusion that the window is larger than it is, and that your ceilings are taller than they are!

Most stores only sell 84″ curtains in-store, which can be confusing – that’s too short for even a standard 8′ ceiling if you’re hanging them high! Don’t be fooled – you’re going to want 95″ curtains for a standard 8′ ceiling, and even longer for higher ceilings. Yes, it requires some extra effort (you can’t just pop into Target and pick some curtains up!), but I promise you it’s worth it.

Our curtains are 108″ long. When you’re determining how high to hang the rod itself, it’s really just a personal preference – you can hang them so the curtains sit eeeeeever so slightly off the floor, so they barely skim the floor, or so they puddle a bit. I generally like mine to graze the floor just a bit – somewhere between a “skim” and a “puddle”. Confusing, I know, but there’s no real science to it – hold them up at a couple of different heights and see what you like, then go from there. My general rule of thumb is to hang the rod about 3″ below the ceiling.

6. Add Your Rod Curtain Panels

With both brackets secured to the wall, you can hang your rod with your curtain panel already attached. Now you’re done… unless your panels require any hemming. Or you could just hide the bottoms behind a bed like we did below. Ha!

Drapery Sizes

Consider the right size, length, and width drapes for your space. There are many store-bought options or your room may require custom-made drapes to meet specific heights, room, or window specifications.

  • In the majority of cases, the ideal length for drapes is long enough to just kiss the floor. Obviously where you hang your curtain rod will have an impact. If you’re purchasing ready-made drapes, it will be a bit of a balancing act to determine what length to get and where to hang the rod.
  • For a traditional, formal look, consider drapes that puddle a couple of inches on the floor. This look isn’t as popular as it once was but it’s inherently luxurious and can still work in formal spaces.
  • Do not allow your drapes to hang above the floor. When they stop a couple of inches above the floor, it can make the ceilings look lower.
  • For drapes to look full, the panels should have a combined width of at least double the width of the window. If you have two panels, each one should equal the width of the window.
  • Keep in mind that some fabrics hang differently than others, so light fabrics may require more fullness, while heavy fabrics may require a little less.

The Spruce / Almar Creative

DO know your style and plan accordingly

I used to love a bold, patterned curtain but over the years I’ve learned that my style really leans towards using simpler curtains and allowing other parts of the room to be the star.

I like for my curtains to quietly layer into the space and feel like kind of a background character. You might prefer something that feels bold and exciting – and that’s fine! But if you try to go against your instincts and do something different because it’s trendy or someone else suggests it, you’ll be disappointed.

When we were planning this project, I heard from some people who were so disappointed that we weren’t doing something with some pattern, other people who felt like it would look terrible if it was anything but white, and still other people who thought we should get a couple of different colors and change them out seasonally!

The lesson here is that we all approach curtains (and really, all decor) differently, and that’s fine! Just know yourself well enough to stay away from the patterned curtains if you actually prefer something plain.

In Closing

We hope that this article has been helpful and informative. Hanging curtains from your ceiling is a great way to add style and diversity to your home. Before you go, you may also find this related article useful: How To Hang Curtains From A Ceiling [5 Steps]


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