How to Install a Barn Door Like a Pro

Barn Door Installation Cost

Paying someone to install barn doors for you can range anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on the scope of the project so doing it yourself will save money and it’s fairly easy with the right tools!

We’ve hung double barn doors in our entryway and another barn door in our kitchen and people always ask us what the process is like. So today I’m going to share a step-by-step tutorial and we’ve also made a video if you’re visual like me!

When to Install a Barn Door Indoors

Being an indoor project, a barn door can be installed at any time of year. Because the door trim can interfere with the barn door track, it is helpful if the door is installed before the trim is installed. Install the floor covering before the indoor barn door since a floor guide must be screwed on top of the floor covering.

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17.Cheap and Easy DIY Barn Door Hardware

This plan shows you how to DIY the hardware for a

This plan shows you how to DIY the hardware for a cabinet, potentially saving yourself a lot of cash. You’ll find a list of all the supplies this blogger used along with instructions and useful photos – so in short, everything you need to have a go at recreating this project at home.

Check this Barn Door Hardware DIY Idea

What you need


13.DIY Door Track Hardware

Perhaps the thing we like the most about this plan

Perhaps the thing we like the most about this plan is the blogger’s sense of humor. You might want to know how to build the hardware for a barn door for less – but there’s nothing wrong with being entertained at the same time. A great blog with lots of photos that are sure to inspire you – definitely another one that’s worth a look.

Check this Barn Door Hardware DIY Idea

How to Install Double Barn Doors

Installing double barn doors works much the same as a single, you just have a longer rail. You will need to measure the rail to get the length for your header. This time instead of lining it up against the trim, it will need to be centered so it hangs over evenly on both sides of the opening.

As mentioned above, you will locate the studs to screw the header into directly on top of the trim (you can adjust this if your doors are taller). Attach the rail to the header following the directions for your hardware. Refer to previous steps for installing the doors.


  • You can either buy two complete barn door sets (see below for the doors we used), or you can buy two sets of hardware and two door slabs.
  • I also recommend installing “soft close” kits on your hardware. Then you don’t have to worry about anyone slamming the doors!

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