How to quickly get rid of the smell of weed in my house

Getting High On The Low

There are many reasons for wanting to enjoy cannabis covertly.

Maybe you’ve got your parents or work colleagues visiting, and would rather not broach the conversation of marijuana use with them. Maybe you don’t want to attract the attention of neighbors, or just want your home to smell fresh and avoid the smell of stale smoke in the morning. Regardless of your reasons, we’ve got you covered.

Our team has compiled a list of ways to help cannabis consumers mask the pungent odor of weed smoke from the air. While some are more effective than others, there’s certainly something on this list that can help you in your time of need.

With our tried and tested methods, lighting up doesn’t need to be stressful. If you’d like to smoke pot on the down-low, read on for all the must-know info, including ways of storing and smoking weed discreetly and common mistakes to avoid.


4. Clean Surfaces With a Strongly Scented Spray

Although most people consider weed smell to mostly settle in the air and into fabrics, the scent can actually penetrate harder surfaces. That’s why it’s essential to regularly wipe down countertops, furniture and any other fixtures in your smoking spot. Using a strongly scented cleaning spray, like Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner will help do double duty in that regard. Not only will this all-natural spray clean the surfaces, but its addictive honeysuckle scent will cover your weed smell swimmingly. This non-toxic, calming scent will mellow you out even more and the lack of harsh chemicals is better for your health overall.

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Common Mistakes

When you’re looking to enjoy your weed without drawing attention, there are a few common mistakes that you should try to avoid.

Choose non-airtight mason jars

It’s easy to buy any old glass jar and assume that it’s airtight, but this can lead to odor escaping from your storage container while you store your weed. Be sure to opt for a mason jar with a rubber rim that seals the lid on tightly.

For an extra level of protection from odor, you should also consider storing your marijuana inside a Ziploc bag or plastic medicine container inside your sealed mason jar.

Remember alternative ways to consume marijuana

Just because smoking is the most popular way of consuming cannabis, doesn’t mean it’s the only option you should consider! For anyone seeking a discreet high, edibles may be a great alternative. Though baking your own edibles may omit an odor, buying and consuming them will be entirely scent-free.

Similarly, consider investing in a vaporizer. Though these will still give off a smell, they are far more covert than a joint, as they emit vapor rather than heavy smoke. If a vape appeals to you, read more about the smell of vaping weed



Don’t overdo the coverup operation

In the moment of panic upon realizing your room or apartment is full of smoke, it’s easy to go from 0 to 60, rushing to spray anything you can find to cover up the smell. At this moment, it’s important not to overdo it, because the overbearing smell of air freshener and body spray may be a dead giveaway.

Instead, take a deep breath. Open a window (if you can), boot up your fan, and spray just a little air freshener. Maybe light some incense or a scented candle too, for good measure.

Understanding the legal status in your area

Before you light up, it’s important to understand the legality of what you’re doing. If you’re on unsteady legal ground, it’s important to avoid attracting the attention of the authorities- the best way to do this is to smoke in the privacy of your own home.

Even if you live in a legalized state, there may still be rules against public consumption, so it’s important to read up to know where you stand. In general, if you bought your cannabis from your local dispensary, you’re probably good.

Don’t forget about the weed smell on your skin & clothes

If you’re followed some of the methods above, you’ve likely succeeded in covering up the telltale smell of weed, but it’s important not to forget about yourself. After lighting up, the smoke can cling to your clothes, on your skin, and even in your hair.

To remove the smoky smell from your person, it’s best to shower and change into some clean clothes. Once you’ve done this, most of the weed smell should be removed, and any lingering scent will be covered up by the freshness of your shampoo/soap/etc.

Putting too much confidence in your sploof

A mythological MacGyvering of a smoking device, the sploof has often hailed by old-timers in the cannabis community as a surefire way to cover up the smell of weed smoke. And yes, dryer sheets are odor absorbent, it’s important not to overstate their effect.

While breathing into a sploof may minimize the smoke you exhale into the air, it doesn’t prevent a smell from spreading around the room; sploofs are far from air-tight, and even then a dryer sheet won’t completely filter out smoke & smell. Don’t get caught out by assuming that your sploof will do all the work for you!

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Water and bleach

This method on how to get rid of weed smell on clo

This method on how to get rid of weed smell on clothes quickly can be quite dangerous. Bleach is a very strong chemical that removes both stains and smells.

It is best suitable for white clothing so it does not discolor your clothes. You may also opt for a color-safe bleach which you can easily find in supermarkets.

Step 1: Mix bleach and water

In a basin or container, put water, add bleach, and mix the solution.

Step 2: Soak your clothes

Place your clothes in the basin and let them soak in the bleach solution for 10 minutes. If you feel that you need to let it soak longer because of the weed smell, then please do so.

Be cautious in soaking your clothes in bleach and water. Some fabrics are delicate so soaking them in bleach for a period of time might ruin their quality. Be sure to read laundry instructions on the clothing tag.

Step 3: Rinse in cold water

After soaking, remove your clothes from the bleach solution and rinse using cold water. Check to see if the weed smell is still there and repeat the process if there is the need to.

Minimizing Weed Odors in Your Home

Burning sage is a great way to deodorize a room in a hurry. Just don’t use it around pregnant women or babies. /

While smoking at home seems like the safest option (and is one of the very few places you are legally allowed to consume in most legal states), you still may have to practice discretion depending on who you live with, who you live next to, and, if you rent, how your landlords may or may not feel about you sparking up. 

Of course, all of the aforementioned techniques for getting the scent of weed out of your car are also applicable to your home, but since your home is likely larger than your car, there are additional simple fixes to not smell like weed.

While it may be slightly more difficult to get the danky aroma out of your car than in your home, if you live with someone who is very sensitive to the smell of weed, this brings up a whole new challenge. At the end of the day, you can pick and choose who you allow inside your car, but if you’re sharing a living space with someone who doesn’t consume cannabis, it might not be so simple–especially if you’re trying to smoke while they are home.

Luckily, cannabis consumers over the years have tinkered with different techniques for eliminating the odor during and after your session. Here are some of the most effective ways to consume your cannabis and not smell like weed (hopefully):

1) Burn Incense

If you need to mask the smell of you smoking, the easiest way to do this is to burn something else while you’re burning your weed! Incense or herb sticks are cheap, easy to find, and smell fantastic. From palo santo to jasmine to sage (which is particularly effective), there are a variety of scents that are strong enough to cover up the cannabis smell, either while you’re smoking or after you’ve finished and it’s still lingering. Burning incense is also great for meditating, doing yoga, or just practicing mindfulness, which are all amplified when you’ve smoked weed too!

2) Essential Oils

A similar idea to burning incense, you might consider throwing your favorite essential oil into a diffuser during your smoke sesh. Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus are great for relaxation, sinus relief, and much more. Not only will the powerful scents cover up the weed smell, but they’ll have you in an even deeper state of relaxation and euphoria.

3) Hawaiian Hotbox

Every true cannabis connoisseur has dabbled with this practice at least once or twice, but if you’re new to the culture, a Hawaiian hotbox is when you smoke cannabis in the bathroom with the shower running. Turn your shower head to maximum hotness before you spark up–the steam from the shower will dissipate along with your weed smoke. 

A pro tip for ultimate discretion is to place a rolled-up towel at the bottom of the door to fully enclose yourself. This method is a win-win–you’re saving your housemates from the smell and simultaneously reaping the maximized effects from the hotbox. 

Odor eliminators: Ozium spray

Materials to make your experiment successful:

  • Ozium spray

Time invested:

  • 50 minutes

Reddit experts suggest buying an odor eliminator called Ozium spray; apparently, it’s what landlords, landladies, and car dealerships use to get the smoke smell out of apartments and cars.

After cleaning and wiping down the inside of your vehicle, spray Ozium for 30 to 60 seconds, then shut the doors and wait for half an hour and allow it to act. When you get back, roll the windows down and let the spray dissipate before you jump back and drive around with the windows fully open.

Although Ozium is a very effective odor eliminator, users point out that you should use it with caution. The odor eliminator could be toxic if not allowed to dissipate, so use it safely and always proceed with caution. When you buy the product, read the safety rules before using it!

Get Rid of Weed Smell in the Air

When marijuana is burned or vaporized, the resulting odor can be tough to get out of carpets, upholstered furniture, clothes, and the air. If the room you use to enjoy marijuana is holding on to odors from your favorite strains, you can get rid of weed smell in the air with a thorough, deep clean or by using an instant odor eliminator.


To eliminate weed odor from the air as you’re enjoying cannabis, mist Cannabolish Odor Removing Sprays in the area where you smoke and around the room.

Odors from natural sources need an equally natural odor eliminating solution. Cannabolish candles and sprays were designed by investigating the causes of smoke odors (benzene, toluene, formaldehyde). Then a blend of plant oils was designed to cancel out those odorous chemicals.

With Cannabolish you can safely enjoy even the most fragrant marijuana strain without the harsh ingredients or cover-up perfumes of some other air fresheners. To remove smoke odors, light a clean-burning Cannabolish candle a few minutes before a session. Keep it lit while you smoke and a few minutes after. Longer-lasting odors may need a deeper clean.


If you have a little more time, the best way to get rid of weed smell is to deep clean an affected area or the entire room. To deep clean, you can use a combination of at-home fixes like baking soda and vinegar, and then supplement those solutions with Cannabolish.

Start by opening any windows in the room to air everything out. Place bowls of diluted vinegar throughout the room and let the vinegar evaporate. After the vinegar has sat for a while, spray Cannabolish Odor Removing Spray in the air to eliminate remaining smoke odors and smells from vinegar. Distribute the product evenly, but be sure to pay close attention to seating areas and carpeting. Neutralizing odors on fabric will help refresh an entire room.

25. Invest in a High Tech Fragrance Diffuser

Most manual diffusers are noisy, unattractive, and don’t work that well. Aromatech’s noiseless Aromini is a serious upgrade, and a game-changer to the fragrance diffusion game when it comes to learning how to cover up weed smell. It features a nebulizing technology that breaks oils into a very fine mist without any residue left behind. Users can control scent intensity levels according to their personal preferences. Therapeutic properties are kept intact more than basic fragrance diffusers, since the nebulization process doesn’t dilute the oil in water, or heat it.

Courtesy of AromatechCourtesy of Aromatech


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