How To Take Off Ceiling Light Cover Like A Pro


  • Although there are many different types of light fixtures, the basic procedure tends to remain the same when removing each type. Remove the light shade or bowl first, then the bulbs, and then the fixture plate to expose the wires.

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Final Thoughts

Removing a no-screws bathroom ceiling light cover need not be complicated. While a few steps need to be followed, they are all relatively easy and can be completed in just a few minutes.

In case you do run into any problems, be sure to check the wiring to make sure everything is as it should be.

Following these simple steps will help keep your bathroom ceiling light looking nice and working properly for years to come.


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TWIST the glass counterclockwise and it unscrews (there are three metal bumps on the INSIDE that hold it when you screw it back.


LED light systems are equally or more complex. I have the following model installed in my bedrooms: dl13smd3000k ip44 saa.


I found a clip on this that comes off. I suppose that will allow other similar ones to be installed.

Lawrence Leibowitz sent me this on 10 October 2017:

He asked: “How do I remove for replacement? No visible screws. Bar does rotate about 15-20 degrees in either direction so maybe that’s the key but I don’t want to force it any further.”



Changing a regular lightbulb is child’s play. But, removing a screwless light fixture can seem like a puzzling task. But once you know which kind of light fixture you have, you should be able to dismantle it in next to no time. Following the steps mentioned above makes putting it back together just as easy.

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Benefits of Light Dome Fixture

Below are the benefits of the light dome fixtures

  • They have a low power consumption capability while still providing you with superior lighting.
  • They can fit anywhere, whether outdoor or indoor.
  • They are simple to install
  • With the dome lighting, you can direct the light to a specific area depending on your specification.

How To Take Off A Ceiling Light Cover Without Screw

We have discussed how to remove the cover from the ceiling light with a screw. Now let’s discuss how to remove the cover from the light without a screw. 

These types of lights don’t come with knobs. You will only find the cover fitted into the light’s sitting. 

Let’s discuss the process in detail. 

Step#1: Get a robust self-standing ladder:

Get a ladder that will enable you to reach the ceiling light and remove the cover without putting yourself at risk or under avoidable pressure. 

Don’t have access to a ladder? No worries. You can use a firm chair or stool. 

Step#2: Put on your gloves:

It’s time to wear your gloves. Unlike when removing a ceiling light with a screw, you need to wear your gloves while removing the cover from light without a screw. 

The gloves will help increase traction, making it easier to rotate and remove the cover from the ceiling light. 

A Handy Tip:  Put your gloves in your pocket while moving up the ladder. When you get to the top, you can put them on. Again, if you’re not comfortable carrying the gloves while climbing, you can ask someone to give them to you when you reach the top of the ladder or stool. 

Step#3: Unscrew the light cover:

If you have gotten the right balance on the ladder or platform you’re standing on, start unscrewing the light cover. 

Please take note. This type of ceiling light doesn’t have a knob. So, it would help if you used both hands to unscrew the cover. 

Place both hands opposite each other to ensure proper balance. Now you can start unscrewing the cover. 

You have to rotate the light cover to the left (anticlockwise) to loosen it. Rotate to the right (clockwise) to tighten it. 

A Handy Tip: The cover has been there for quite a long time. So, chances are, it would be difficult to unscrew on your first try. In this instance, what you need to do is to slacken the cover a bit. Hit it with a shoe, preferably the rubber part. But please make sure you don’t hit it too hard. 

Step#4: Take off the ceiling light cover:

After unscrewing the ceiling light cover successfully, drop it on the floor before you start cleaning or changing the bulb. It’s wrong to hold the cover on one hand while using the other to clean or change the bulb. The cover or bulb could slip off your hand. 

Why Won’t Ceiling Light Cover Come Off

There can be several reasons why a ceiling light cover will not come off, even if there do not appear to be any screws holding it in place. In some cases, the cover may be glued in place. In other cases, the light fixture itself may be attached to the ceiling with bolts or other fasteners that are not visible from below. If the cover is not coming off, no matter how much effort you put into it, it is best to call a professional electrician to remove it for you.

One way to determine whether the cover is held in place with screws or with another type of fastener is to try gently prying it loose with a putty knife or thin screwdriver. If screws are holding the cover in place, this will work; if there are other fasteners, prying the cover loose will likely cause damage. In either case, it is best to call a professional if you cannot remove the cover yourself.

Some covers can be removed by gently unscrewing them by hand, but this is not always possible. If the cover is too tight or if there appears to be something holding it in place that you cannot see, it is best to call a professional. Trying to force a cover that is not meant to come off can damage the light fixture or the ceiling and pose a safety hazard.

If you can remove the cover, be sure to store it in a safe place so that it does not get damaged or lost. It is a good idea to keep track of the screws or other fasteners used to secure the cover, as they will be needed when it is time to put the cover back on. If you do not have any spare screws or other fasteners, you may be able to purchase them at a home improvement store.

Situations that may necessitate removing your bathroom light cover



Like anything else in your home, the bathroom light cover can become dirty over time.

It is a good idea to remove it and clean it every few months to keep it looking nice and prevent any build-up that could eventually lead to problems with the operation of your light fixture.

When remodeling

If you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom, you may also need to remove the cover to access whatever you are working on.

If that is the case, be very careful not to damage your light fixture or its wiring while doing so.

When installing a new bathroom ceiling light

If you need to install a new light fixture in your bathroom, you will need to first remove the old one before installing the new one.

The process for doing so is very similar to the steps outlined in this article. Just pay close attention to the wiring when disconnecting the old fixture and connecting the new one.

Replacing a light bulb

In some cases, you may only need to replace the light bulb without removing the entire cover.

If your bathroom ceiling light is one of these models, you will need to use a long stick or something similar to push down on the spring clip and release it.

That way, you can remove the old bulb and replace it with a new one.

How Do I Get The Cover Off My Light Fixture?

You’ll find different methods of removal for different light fittings.

1. Notch or Groove Mechanism:

Using a slot or groove to remove a ceiling light cover without screws is one way. Then, gently pry off the light cover’s edge with a pry bar.

Be careful not to harm any wiring or cords beneath the light cover. Remove the cover to detach the light fixture from the ceiling.

2. Spring-Loaded:

The most frequent ceiling type. The cover is linked to the base with a small metal spring.

Push up on the cover’s bottom to remove but be careful as there may be wiring or connections behind the light cover.

3. Clip Mechanism:

Some ceiling lights come with small clips holding the cover in position. Push the cover by pressing one side of the clip until the other side opens.

Again, remove your ceiling light cover carefully to avoid harming yourself or damaging wiring or cables.

4. Threaded Retainer:

Unscrew glass shades or diffusers from threaded bases. Next, loosen the retainer with a screwdriver.

After loosening the threaded retainer, you can remove the light cover by hand. To loosen the retainer, you may require a utility knife instead of a flat-head screwdriver.

Insert the utility knife’s blade between the cover and ceiling and simply push and twist to loosen the retainer.

5. Slotted Connectors:

If your ceiling light cover has slotted connectors, you may need a specific tool. One alternative is to use a putty knife to pry the slotted connector until it pops free carefully.

Twist the connector using needle-nose pliers to loosen it. Remove the slotted connector to remove the bathroom ceiling light cover.

6. Flush Mount:

Behind the light cover, check for a small switch or lever on your ceiling flush mount fixture.

Press down on the switch/lever and slowly pull up on the light cover until it pops off. When removing the cover, be careful not to harm wiring or cords.

With patience and basic handyman abilities, you can remove your ceiling light cover without screws. (Learn How To Hang Lights On Stucco)

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  • Always turn off the power to the light fixture at the breaker box before beginning any work.
  • Wear gloves to avoid getting cuts on your hands.
  • Do not stand on a ladder while removing the light cover.
  • If you are uncomfortable working with electricity, please call a professional electrician.
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