How to Tell if your House is Haunted

Actions you can take

Keep a log or journal

In your log or journal, record the following details:

  • The exact time and date when the activity occurred
  • Everyone who was present and what they experienced
  • The weather conditions at the time

Contact a qualified paranormal investigator

  • Make sure that they have a telephone number to make contact with. Also, make sure that the contact information on their website lists a first and last name of the persons who are actually doing the investigations.
  • Try to determine from the website whether the investigators are someone that you would like to have in your home. Remember, the website is the method of advertising that they chose to offer their services through, and if the site is questionable, the ghost-hunters might be, too. Anyone can put up a website, but the quality of the material on it will speak volumes about who is behind it.
  • Legitimate investigators will not charge for their services. If you are asked to pay for an investigation, then you should look for someone else. Only services that produce concrete and tangible results are worthy of payment, and paranormal research is too unpredictable for that. In most cases, very little may occur in an investigation, and no one should be expected to pay for that.
  • Once you believe you have found an investigator that you are comfortable with, you need to check his qualifications for an investigation. Ask how long he has been involved in paranormal research and about investigations in the past, especially those involving private residences.

Prepare for an on-site investigation

Should the researcher then decide that an investigation of the house is warranted, then prepare for an “invasion.” Even though most research groups will consist of no more than five to six individuals, a good team can seem like many more. An investigation can be very invasive, and photographs and video will be taken of the house. The investigators will ask you to describe the events that occurred (perhaps several times), and your statement will be recorded. They will ask you dozens of questions, and many of them will seem unconnected and perhaps even embarrassing. Bear with them, however, because the questions do have a purpose, and the investigators will be working to try to not only legitimize your story but also to determine whether the reported activity is real.

  • The investigators should not be drinking or smoking at any time.
  • The investigators should arrive at your home with open minds. No one is trying to debunk your reports but must keep an open mind to all possibilities. Good investigators must remain noncommittal until they have had a chance to gather their evidence.
  • Make sure that the investigators seem to know how to use all their equipment. If there is anything that you do not understand, be sure to ask them to explain what it is used for. If they cannot, you may have a problem.
  • Unless the investigation was set up through you with a local television station or newspaper, the investigators should not be accompanied to your home with a reporter or media person. This should never occur without your permission. The investigators are duty-bound to keep all aspects of your case confidential unless they have your permission to disclose anything.
  • You can help by making sure that everyone who experienced anything unusual is present on the night of the investigation and that you keep away friends and relatives who want to come over to watch the proceedings. This can be very distracting to you and to the investigators and can interfere with an accurate investigation.
  • If you become uncomfortable with what is going on at any point in the investigation, you have the absolute right to call a halt to everything. The investigators are present at your request and are guests in your home. They should be given the respect that such a title signifies, but they also must respect your feelings and fears as.

Follow up

It is possible that an investigator will tell you that they believe your house is haunted. You may be comfortable with that, or you may want to try and get the haunting to stop. However, unless your investigator is psychic, they will not be equipped to get rid of the ghosts that may be haunting your house. Most ghost-hunters are merely investigators. They do not talk to ghosts and do not see them around every corner. This normally means they will contact an outside source.

If you have a family minister, the ghost-hunter will likely suggest that you get in touch with this person and ask them to come to the house and to pray for the soul of the spirit that is present. This is not an “exorcism” but simply an attempt to get the ghost to leave in peace. It can be of great benefit to you and your family, as well.

If a willing minister is not available, then the investigator should be able to suggest or find an expert in getting rid of ghosts. They may not be a professional medium or psychic but someone who is sensitive to spirits and who has a good reputation. It should be someone the ghost-hunter has either worked with before or someone who was referred through a legitimate source.

Paranormal research has several goals. Not only is the investigator seeking evidence of ghosts, but he or she is also there to help the person who called them in to investigate the case. It is the investigator’s main responsibility to alleviate the fears of the witness and to help them deal with the activity they are experiencing. The homeowner should ever be shut out of the investigation but should be treated with the utmost respect. We all know that we fear the things that we understand the least.

5. Things Keep Turning On Off On Their Own

Two of the most common instances that make people believe their home is haunted is watching their lights and TV turn on and off, without them—or Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant—triggering it. If your wiring isn’t to blame, Berry suggests doing one more test before questioning whether the undead disapproves of your lighting (or binge-watching) situation: “Make sure your neighbor doesn’t have the same remote,” he says, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo where your TVs might be sharing a wall. (Ditto if your garage door keeps opening and closing; your neighbor might have recently installed the same electronic opener.)


Personality change

When we think about possession, our minds immediately go to demons, demons, demons. Ghost hunter Newkirk says that more often than not, demonic possession and even a demonic presence is not behind whatever it is you’re experiencing. A “normal” ghost can possess you too. The tip-off is if someone you know is acting extremely strange all of a sudden. “We see cases of possession or influence by a spirit all the time,” he says. “If you start to notice someone has taken on a pretty distinct personality change, that can be a sign of that.” These chilling real-life ghost stories will make you believe!

How To Tell If Your House Is Haunted: The Fast FAQs

Trying to handle a ghost in your house is not exactly the most normal issue that you could have. However, it’s still an issue you need to be aware of. There’s no single way to figure out if it’s legitimately haunted. With that said, these questions can help you find the truth.

1. Can you find out if someone died in the house?

One of the easiest ways to get a partial confirmation of a haunting is to ask your real estate agent if someone died in the house. In several states, your agent has the legal obligation to tell you if a home has a “stigma” attached to it. 

If you aren’t in an area where Stigma Laws exist, your best bet is to uncover what state records have to say about deaths in the home.

2. Should you ask your neighbors?

YES! Most of the time, long-term neighbors can tell you volumes about the family who last lived there. In most small towns, neighbors talk about what’s going on. If your house has a reputation for being haunted, it’s your neighbors who will be most likely to let you know. 

3. Should you hire a psychic?

If your neighbors remain mum on the topic, then a psychic might be able to help you out. However, there are a lot of people claiming to be psychic who aren’t. In some cases, it may end up being a cheap bid for money. So, if you choose to go this route, you may want to check a reference or two. 

6. Seeing unexplained shadows and apparitions

Nothing is creepier than thinking you’re alone when out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadow move. It can be nerve-wracking to check to see if what you thought you saw is really there. However, are you sure it was a ghost, or was it just your dust-covered colleague after performing 5 hours worth of maintenance on a boiler in the basement crawling into the break room for a much-needed glass of water? It might be worth considering before you hastily create a work order demanding that someone else take care of the spirit who’s haunting the mech room.

The three types of hauntings

Newkirk sorts hauntings into three categories: intelligent, residual, and intentional. “There’s the classic haunting which is an intelligent haunting. The spirit seems to interact very intelligently with people. And then the other common one people run into a lot is a residual haunting.” An example of a residual haunting would be like the one Negri experienced at the condo that burned down and seemingly still felt like it was filled with smoke. “With that, it just kind of plays over and over and over. It doesn’t ever really acknowledge that people live in the house. It just is. It just happens. Sometimes it’s because a traumatizing event happened on a particular date. There’s no intelligence there, so there’s really nothing you can do about it.” Lastly, an intentional haunting is actually more about living, breathing humans than ghosts. “It really comes from people who have put so much energy and intention into the belief that their house or object is haunted that they’ve ended up actually manifesting a haunting.” Think of kids who follow urban legends and routinely go visit the place of the supposed haunting. They feed the story so much that they actually open the place up to paranormal activity.

You See Strange Shadows

Though this could be attributed to lighting, if you see human-like shadows without a human attached to them, you may have a ghost.

2. Spikes in electromagnetic field (EMF) readings

If you’ve ever watched a ghost hunting show, you may have noticed one of the most common pieces of equipment they use to detect paranormal entities are electromagnetic field (EMF) meters. An EMF is a field that surrounds an electrically charged object. Many hypothesize that when we die, the energy from our bodies gets converted into electromagnetic energy, so the presence of a ghost can be detected by an EMF spike. If you’ve noticed a high EMF reading in your building, it could be a ghost, but it could also be faulty wiring. You may want to call in your local electrician before you call in your local medium.

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5. You Regularly Feel a Weird Sensation on the Back of Your Neck

xia yuan // Getty Images

Don’t worry—if that sentence just instantly sent a chill up your spine, that’s probably just because it’s a creepy thought, not because a ghost jumped through the screen and clung to your neck. But if you are experiencing all of the above, and you consistently feel like there’s something on the back of your neck, Mayhan says you may want to reach out to a spiritual healer of some kind, as it can indicate that a ghost "attached" to you. That’s right, some paranormal experts believe that it’s people who become haunted, not just places.

Ghosts aren’t "just stationary unless something is keeping them in a specific place, like, if they feel stuck there," and so they often actually attach to certain people, Mayhan explains. And when ghosts do become attached to certain people, she has observed that it’s "usually the back of the neck, and they just hang there." She does clarify that this typically only happens to metaphysically gifted people.

2. The Temperature Changes Abruptly

"This can get a little dicey: ‘Oh, there’s a draft,’ that sort of thing," Pennace says. "If you’re in the middle of the room and it’s very cold in that one spot, that shouldn’t happen." However, Mayhan adds that ghosts "feed more off the energy of the people [in the house] than the temperature of the home." She’s not totally certain why this is, but it might have something to do with their makeup.

Martin Hardman // Getty Images

Since ghosts don’t have physical bodies, she probably can’t physically feel the temperature in a location, "but they can detect the uncomfortable level of the human occupants," Mayhan posits. So "if someone is stressed or fearful, they are emitting a huge amount of energy that can then turn around and feed the ghost energy." So if a draft gives you chills in your home, you might get scared and thus, give the being more power. On the other hand, it’s possible that even if ghosts don’t experience temperature themselves, they could emit a certain energy that changes the way we are living beings experience temperature.

10. Lights Flickering

This is arguably the most noticeable sign of a haunted home. It is heavily featured in horror films and spooky stories. If you have checked your fuse box or even called an electrician then there is only one explanation for flickering lights…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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4. Is Anything Flying Through The Air?

Simon Miller, from Holroyd Miller says: “Unless you live in the notorious 30 East Drive, Pontefract, Yorkshire, which is classed as one of the most haunted homes in the UK, then weird happenings are probably no more than squeaky expanding and contracting floorboards or air in the central heating pipes. However, paranormal activity can take on many guises. Are you experiencing a fine chalk-like dust falling inside your home, green foam appearing from taps and the toilet, lights turning on and off, cupboards shaking, and objects levitating? Such activity was reported at 30 East Drive and they most definitely had a poltergeist. Many people report haunted happenings, from the unexplained hair-raising feelings, to objects that simply appear to have been misplaced. But in truth how can we ever really make sense and explain the unexplainable?”

What Should I Do If My House Is Haunted?

The first thing you should do is stop panicking. Though your home may be haunted, there are some things that you might want to try to make life easier. The following steps can be remarkably helpful.

  1. First, determine if the ghost is friendly. In many cases, ghosts are friendly and mean no harm. In these cases, learning to live with them is often the best option. Sometimes, just asking them to tone down their activity can do the trick. 
  2. If the ghost is clearly hostile, try to tell it to leave. Believe it or not, it works in a lot of cases. A firm voice will usually help make the ghost realize that you are serious. 
  3. Should the ghost get violent or otherwise scare the daylights out of you, try to do a home cleansing or blessing. At this point, you have a hostile entity in your room and it’s not happy. You need to find a way to oust it if you want to live in your home peacefully. 
  4. If you notice extreme hostility, call a spiritual leader immediately. Any spiritual expert will be able to help out, or at least refer you to someone who can help cleanse the home of whatever is fighting you. 

Should You Use A Ouija Board To Talk To The Ghost?

Absolutely not. Ouija boards are not safe and can actually act as a portal to open up the spiritual door to other less-friendly ghosts. Do not even think of bringing one into your home. If you don’t believe us, just Google some of the horror stories that can come with a ouija board. 

You Get a Vibe

You know yourself and your surroundings, so if you feel like there may be ghosts lurking, there just might be, especially if you feel like someone is watching you. Again, if this is a concern for you, consult a professional. Remember, your house may have unique energy, and not necessarily be haunted.


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