How to Update a Ceiling Fan Without Removing It

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Step 1: Materials

Primer paint Finish paint Rustoleum oil based paint or the like 2-3 paint brushes All purpose cleaner and towels Screwdriver (flat and/or Phillips depending on your fan) Ladder

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Step 7: Reconnect Blades to Connectors, and Connectors to Motor

Wait overnight for everything to dry and then put the fan blades and connectors back together — reverse what you did in steps 3 and 2. Be careful when handling the connectors because the paint can scratch off pretty easily. Not really a problem later since you will probably never touch the connectors, or if you do it will be with a soft cloth when cleaning. My fans have two rows of screw holes so that I can choose to use four blades (inner row of holes) or five blades (outer row of holes). I went with four to minimize the fan even more. With the nice white paint you can hardly see the fan when it’s on.

Switch Out the Fan Pulls

Changing the fan pulls on your fan to something more decorative can be the least complicated upgrade to your ceiling fan. Pull the chain attached to your original fan pulls from the pull chain connectors. Measure the length of the chain on your original pulls, and cut the chain on your new pulls with wire cutters to match the original chain length.

Take the ends of your new chains and insert them into the chain connectors. Pull on the new chains until they snap in place and the decorative pulls hang straight.


  1. Replace the pull cords with something that better coordinates with your style.
  2. Replace the glass light covers with something more trendy.
  3. Paint the metal portions with spray paint.
  4. Clean the blades well with a soft cloth.

Install the light kit

Install the light kit per directions as the manufa

Install the light kit per directions as the manufacturer suggests.

Updating your ceiling fan without removing it is such an easy way to update your home. As a result, it saved us money than we can use on another project.

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How to Make Your Own Mini Spray Paint Booth To Paint The Fan Parts

To help keep spray paint overspray from getting on everything for the spray painting part of the makeover, use large cardboard boxes to make your own spray booth. I flatten and save large boxes that I get.  They can be reused many times and stored flat against the wall in your garage or workspace.

I set two boxes up so the bottom section of each i

I set two boxes up so the bottom section of each is on the floor. I place a tarp over the bottom to hold the boxes in place and protect the floor. You can use boxes instead of a tarp for the floor.

Once you are finished spray painting, fold up the boxes and store then out of the way until the next time you need them.


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